It's another year and we're still going! Enjoy a look into the window of our little life! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Baby's FOUR!

How sometimes the days go slow yet the year seems to fly by!

Nathan turned 4 on Easter Day this year! We can't believe how time has flown by! He is growing up too fast! The days of Noggin/Nick Jr are few and far between replaced with Scooby Doo, Superheros (esp the Green Lantern), and the Cartoon Network - gotta love the old Tom and Jerry! He loves sword fighting on the Wii and building spaceships and planes from his legos. He's into every "boy" thing you can imagine from Transformers to Star Wars...

His check up shows that he's 42 inches tall and almost 46 lbs! He knows what shots are now and like any kid, just doesn't like them but he was a trooper when he had to get four!

We had a joint birthday party with his classmates back at the end of March but waited until after Spring Break to have his BIG party at the mega bounce house, Monkey Joe's. He had a blast with all his buddies there!

Happy Birthday Nathan!! We love you so much!!!

Just to's Nathan at 3...
Now at FOUR!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank you Easter Bunny!

The Easter weekend began with an array of activities from an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood to Nathan dying eggs! On Sunday, Nathan came down to find that the Easter Bunny had come and left fun goodies for him and Madison! We then enjoyed the day with homemade Raviolis and fun Easter Treats at Nana and PopPop's house. (We also celebrated Nathan's 4th Birthday, but that's another entry all it's own!) ;)

So Proud!

Ah! Easter Bunny Tracks!

Our little Flower!

Bunny Ears for Breakfast!

Nathan and his Godmother - Aunt Kate-a-la

Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Months and counting!

Our little Madison is growing up so fast! On March 25th, Madison turned 9 months old. We went in for our check up and the results are in: Length is 28 inches at 18lbs and 8.4oz. both in the 50 percentile. Her head is 46.5 cms - 95%!! In the past few weeks, we got our first two teeth and we are desperately trying to crawl. Madison is learning to wave and clap and she can tell you she's "So Big." She LOVES to dance to any music! We have started trying out all kinds of foods too. Though she's good with all kinds of good stuff from soft green beans to carrots, she loves to try what Mommy having!

Two little Teeth!

So Big!!